SNDH-ED 1.11 is an editor which allows you to modify SNDH music files. Things like Composer Name, Song Title can easily be edited without the need to be a competent programmer. SNDH-ED is also the first program to support the new SNDH v2 specification which allows new features such as song length. Finally SNDH-ED also gives you the ability to load your Sid Sound Designer files (TRI/TVS) and save them as SNDH complete with your desired header. Read the docs for further info on the program and the new SNDH v2 specifications.


Music Studio to SNDH Copy the PRG to your folder containing Music Studio song files. Run the PRG and SNDH files will be created automatically ;)
New Depack V1.1 Patch Patch by Grazey to remove the "Packer Clash Box". Originally New Depack asked you to select which packer had been used to pack a file with the same header eg. Ice 2.2 or 2.2 / Pompey 1.5 or 1.9. This made it a right pain to depack lots of data files packed with say Ice 2.2 as the user had to manually select for each file. But Grazey's patch over-rides this and let's you select the packer used only ONCE at the beginning. Read the docs for further info.
G.S.R. V3.2 Program to make non PC-Relative music files relocatable. Only for serious music rippers! Coded By Grazey.
Speedpacker To Exe This is a little utility I wrote which is to be used in conjunction with the Firehawk's Speedpacker 3. SP3 is by far the best packer for the ST unfortunately if you pack a program file you then need a file in the auto folder to depack it! My util bolts the depack code onto the front of the file allowing all SP3 programs to run stand-alone.


Wall's Of Illusion (English Version). This is the best shareware Dungeon Master clone ever written! Coded by German software house - Motelsoft.

This is a PHF / ASF co-production with the game single parted by Grazey and English translation by ASF. Tested with Pacifist 0.49beta.