Ultimate Muzak Demo 8730 is the largest music demo ever released. It also features the longest ST chip song ever ! 20 minutes, 30 seconds!! and the longest ST intro of all time. It runs on all ST/e's with at least 1mb of memory. It also works on the Steem ST emulator (http://steem.atari.org) . See the read me file for more information (in the umdexe.zip archive).

Thanks to Evil of Dead Hackers Society for donating the web space :)



You must have this file! This contains the main UMD program file , intro and readme.
umd_all.zip This file contains all the music data (over 5 mb's!) ONLY download this if you have a have a hard-drive OR you're using an emulator.


NOTE: The following files should be downloaded by Floppy users only! They all uncompress on to a normal 9 sector Atari disk. Grab ST-Zip here!!



Floppy Data File 0

umddat1.zip Floppy Data File 1
umddat2.zip Floppy Data File 2
umddat3.zip Floppy Data File 3
umddat4.zip Floppy Data File 4
umddat5.zip Floppy Data File 5
umddat6.zip Floppy Data File 6
umddat7.zip Floppy Data File 7
umddat8.zip Floppy Data File 8
umddat9.zip Floppy Data File 9

  So..... What is UMD ?
Aim ? To code the largest Atari ST chip music demo ever.
"One Zip file = 92% of all known ST chip music"


When ?


Beta released ST News ICC 2000 party. Final version released 6/10/02


Who ?


Grazey & Cal


Tunes ?


Currently 4646


Disks ?


Latest estimation 10, hard-drive / emulator friendly too.


New ?


Many exclusive tunes.


Now ?